Beki Benjamin

The Idea for Mo

In 2018, I volunteered at a local school to help listen to children with their reading. There, I met a young boy called Finlay who wasn’t too keen on the books laid out before us!

We started chatting and that’s when he mentioned his Dad’s tractor and helping on the farm. So, I set off in search of some books about farming but I couldn’t find one!

Not a problem I thought…..I’ll write one for him.

I first put pen to paper while on holiday in Salcombe and by the end of the week I had written Dad’s Sandwich.

To be honest, I never intended to publish the book but I had so much encouragement from children and adults alike, that I took the plunge and sent Dad’s Sandwich off to the printers.

Up The Apple Tree and Where’s Tumble quickly followed and before I knew it – Mo was alive!

About Me

I live in a beautiful rural village in south Warwickshire with my husband (Benj) and our cat (Charlie).

For over 28 years, I worked in agricultural PR and magazine publishing. My husband and I eventually owning our own monthly agricultural publication (Farm Contractor & Large Scale Farmer) – a magazine which was first printed in 1972.


I commissioned Josh Welsby to do the illustrations for me. He really helped bring Mo to life!

Josh is a fantastic, talented artist with a great future ahead of him. You can check out his website at

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