The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm

The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm is about a mischievous young boy called Mo, who loves chocolate and Massey Ferguson tractors!

Mo’s first adventure Dad’s Sandwich starts with a very special birthday present of a Massey Ferguson pedal tractor!

However, when Mo sets out to take Dad his lunch, he soon realises that it’s not as easy to ride as he first thought!

In Up the Apple Tree, Mo and his tractor have a very busy day helping on the family farm. Collecting eggs and apples for Mum, helping Grandad to move the sheep and trying to rescue a cat that’s stuck in the apple tree. As usual though, nothing goes according to plan!!

The third story, Where’s Tumble? sees Mo explain to his sister, Evie-Mae, that girls can’t ride tractors – everyone knows that. But when they lose Tumble, their pet rabbit, whilst out on a picnic, Mo runs into trouble once again and he soon has to eat his words!

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