The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm

The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm is about a mischievous young boy called Mo, who loves chocolate and Massey Ferguson tractors!

Mo’s first adventure Dad’s Sandwich starts with a very special birthday present of a Massey Ferguson pedal tractor!

However, when Mo sets out to take Dad his lunch, he soon realises that it’s not as easy to ride as he first thought!

In Up the Apple Tree, Mo and his tractor have a very busy day helping on the family farm. Collecting eggs and apples for Mum, helping Grandad to move the sheep and trying to rescue a cat that’s stuck in the apple tree. As usual though, nothing goes according to plan!!

The third story, Where’s Tumble? sees Mo explain to his sister, Evie-Mae, that girls can’t ride tractors – everyone knows that. But when they lose Tumble, their pet rabbit, whilst out on a picnic, Mo runs into trouble once again and he soon has to eat his words!

A Perfect Bedtime Read…

Each perfect-bound book is 40 pages long, fully illustrated and is great for 4-9 year olds. It’s also a lovely bedtime read for parents with younger children. Scroll through the sample pages below:

About the Author

Living in South Warwickshire, children’s author Beki Benjamin has worked in agricultural PR and publishing for over 20 years. The books are dedicated to her late father Maurice (Mo), who sadly passed away in 2011.

Josh Welsby also lives in South Warwickshire and his brilliant illustrations have helped to bring Beki’s characters to life. I’m sure you’ll agree, he is a very talented illustrator!

Josh Welsby & Beki Benjamin with Mo’s Massey Tractor!

First Reviews from Some Very Important Critics!

I thought your book was very funny. I liked the pictures, especially Alfie the sheep dog because he really goes with the story and he is quite important because you cannot make a farm story without a sheep dog.

I wish I could drive a Massey Ferguson like Mo’s dad.

Diego, age 9

It was good. Can you write another one?

Finlay, age 7

I loved reading the book. It was easy to read with good pictures. I like making my dad a sandwich too but he prefers peanut butter!

Francesca, age 7

I liked the book, especially the tractor and I’d like a tractor cake!

Darcy, age 6

I thoroughly enjoyed Dad’s Sandwich. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Jemima, age 10


If you would like to purchase any of The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm series, you can email or call Beki on 01926 691212 or 07721 042485.

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to ACP Publishers Ltd and post to Mo at Butterbee Farm, Offices 2 & 3, Brixfield Farm, Nr Kineton, Warwickshire, CV35 0ED.

Books cost £10.00 each (this includes postage and packing).

The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm audiobook costs £6 (including VAT and postage).

A donation to the The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I.) will be made based on a proportion of total sales of the book.